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The Mighty Pen - Gift Box with Yousef Sabry

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Gift Box featuring wrap design by artist Yousef Sabry.  Includes:

Høvel + Høvel Base + Høvel Sheath

Ferrule + Ferrule Sheath + HB Pencils + 2B Pencils

Lazlo + Lazlo Sheath + Drop Stand

12 x Limited Edition Makers Cabinet x Blackwing Pencils

6 x Limited Edition Makers Cabinet x Blackwing Erasers




Recycled card and paper giftbox. Products inside made of solid brass, stainless steel, Badalassi Carlo veg Tan Leather and Califonria cedar Pencils.


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Lazlo is a pen meticulously designed to value the art of writing with unparalleled satisfaction in your hand. Featuring a patent pending, one-of- a-kind magnetic mechanism, that will elevate your writing experience. Diametrically opposed neodymium magnets rotate bidirectionally to engage and disengage the cartridge to create an unparalleled crisp click. Built to last and shine through generations of pen lovers.


Ferrule is a pencil holder which simultaneously takes the best features of pencil extenders, the most cherishable attributes of premium pen design, and the thoughtfulness of mechanical pencils to create a statement work of art that will minimise wastage throughout your work.


Høvel is an entirely reimagined pencil sharpener. Høvel pencil plane enables you to whittle your pencil perfectly to any desired point. Its unique mechanism also helps to not break the lead of your pencil, unlike the commonly used sharpener, which twists and snaps graphite. Due to its solid brass body, its weight is a joy, and it gains beauty and character with age.

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Collaboration Blackwing Pencils

Introducing our first-ever collaboration Blackwing Pencils. They feature an exposed incense-cedar casing with a subtle clear matte finish embellished with three shades of Makers Cabinet's own brand colours.

Leather Sheaths for Lazlo, Høvel, and Ferrule

Add an extra layer of protection with our premium, Italian made and tanned Badalassi Carlo Leather Sheaths. The leather has a rich hue that deepens gracefully with time and use.