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Architect Toolset

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$245.00 USD

For architectural illustrations use the Høvel sharpener to keep the premium Blackwing pencils to a precise point. Unfold Stria to intuitively find 45, 90 and 135-degree angles or fully extend it to measure up to 30cmin both metric and imperial. 

We collaborated with the expert marbler Jemma Lewis to create a paper design to encase the set and reflect its craftmanship. 


This set includes:

– Høvel Pencil Plane and Wooden Base

– Stria Folding Ruler

– Set of 12 Blackwing x Makers Cabinet Pencils

Limited Edition (Pre-Order)

Orders will be shipped by late November 2021*

*Please note If your order contains any additional items it will not ship out until the pre-order items become available. Please contact if you want to split your order (additional fees may occur).


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