We recently released our sixth Kickstarter - Lazlo, the ballpoint pen with a completely original patent-pending mechanism, featuring diametrically opposed neodymium magnets, that are built to last generations.

A pen meticulously designed to value the art of writing with unparalleled satisfaction in your hand, and a gorgeous click, Lazlo is offered in two material options; precision machined in brushed solid brass or made in anodised aero-space grade aluminium, the choice is yours. 


Lazlo utilises two diametically opposed neodymium magnets. A half-turn will rotate the magnets which pushes forward a pin connected to the cartridge. The pin is fed into a slot and is locked in place allowing you to write or draw. Another half turn in either direction will magnetise the magnets pulling them back together and sliding the pin back through the slot, thus disengaging the cartridge.



The mechanism is designed to last and has been proven to be effective for over 65,000 rotations, translating to 80+ years of regular use. Diametrically opposed magnets also create an unparalleled satisfying click due to the high magnetism forces at play in the neodymium.


We wanted to offer a refill that matched Lazlo’s premium manufacturing, so naturally we partnered with Schmidt to supply their world leading cartridges in black ink.

The Schmidt MegaLine ballpoint refill is a highly sophisticated writing module using a gas pressurised system. This enables you to not only write upside down but also in the most extreme environmental conditions. Thanks to their airtight system, these refills literally have an unlimited shelf-life. They are equipped with stainless steel tips manufactured with the utmost precision as well as special ball pen inks developed exclusively for this purpose.

However, we understood we all have our preferences when it comes to our ink refills, that’s why we designed Lazlo to be compatible with most Euro-style insert, giving you freedom of personalisation.



Every Lazlo comes with a complimentary cork base stand, so you can store or grab your pen with ultimate ease. 

The drop stand is also available in matching materials; anodised aluminium and brushed brass. Drop your Lazlo into its stand, and watch it take pride of place on your desk. Lazlo is ready for production and available to back on Kickstarter today.