A few weeks ago we launched a new product called Ferrule. Ferrule is a pencil holder that will extend the life of your pencils and is an unparalleled joy to use for both drawing and writing. Ferrule is built to last generations, ensuring that it'll be by your side for life's creative pursuits. Ferrule clutches most regular sized pencils, and we have designed it to work flawlessly with our very own Makers Cabinet pencils. 



Our cedar pencils for Ferrule come in both HB and 2B graphite cores. With each Ferrule, you will receive 3 of each pencil, offering two levels of hardness for your drawing experience. Different grades allow you to personalise your writing experience for precise technical typography and more organic sketching and shading. 


Sawn from high-quality and sustainable PEFC certified Indonesian Incense Cedar, a light natural cellulose coating is applied to protect the pencils. This coating highlights the grain's natural beauty whilst not adding to any plastics in the processing. The matte silver foiling is a subtle reminder of your graphite's grade and where the pencils have been created.

Makers Cabinet pencils are produced in partnership with Kitaboshi, a leading Japanese pencil producer situated in Tokyo. The pencils have been crafted to their expert specification, with their production tried and tested for generations. Kitaboshi's craftsmanship gives credence to the lifetime of our pencils, allowing you to use the full length of your graphite with Ferrule. Our standards for quality and natural materially has made this a fitting partnership.


Once the campaign has finished, you will be able to purchase the pencils in packs of 6 for £9. They will be packaged in kraft card boxes and will make the perfect gift to yourself or any creative. If you can't wait till later this year, you have a chance to secure some of our new pencils in the remaining days of the Ferrule Kickstarter campaign. Click below to back the campaign and secure the first batch of Makers Cabinet pencils.