Check out this heartwarming review by YouTube Sensation TJ Cosgrove.


Another wonderful YouTuber, Scrively, made an in-depth review of the Høvel.


Throughout our time making Høvels and building relationships with our customers we have gathered some testimonials from our biggest fans. Heres a few:


"I love this pencil plane! it is easy to use, easy to insert the blades, and the packaging is perfect. Great job! I only wish I had ordered more!"
- Marie Sheel


"It’s beautiful! Such a brilliant Kickstarter! Thank you so much for sorting this out so quickly it will take pride of place on my desk! I’ve already had some comments at work and pointed them to your campaign."

- Luxe Oakley


"You are not my first Kickstarter project but the reward is clearly the very best of all - I am really very very glad to have one høvel. Please inform me, when you start yet another project!"

- Maud


"I opted for the brass version: the weight is a joy. Your effort to get brass screws was in my opinion essential... the all brass Hovel looks excellent. The small logo is very discrete. Using the Hovel is a joy short sharp point...long sharp point."

- David


"This is a gorgeous addition to my office. I absolutely love using it. I'm able to get my pencils to last much longer since the graphite is less likely to break as compared to conventional sharpeners!"

- Tim Massie