Colu: the local digital currency

A couple of months ago I met Ivo from Colu to talk about Brahman’s future. I was very interested in what Brahman could do for our local East London community and decided to sign up to this fantastic initiative. Colu is an app that allows users to purchase products and services through a East London currency. The app enables a circular flow of money within  our local economy promoting small businesses and startups. For example, the currency enthuses pubs to buy locally brewed beers, at a better rate, benefitting local business and the environment.

Colu is in the process of building a local cryptocurrency which rewards local use of the currency.  We felt that this could be a great opportunity as Brahman would be be able to pioneer alternative and ethical financial practices that reflect our environmental goals. We dream that one day we could pay for all local products and services through Colu, like receiving wholesale orders from local stationery stores to even paying council tax.

We hope that our adoption of Colu can lead to more locally inspired purchases through the currency as it is easy to sign up and support local business. If you’d like to try it out download the app here and receive an award for joining.