Eiffel Tower Points- Erasable Podcast guest!

A year ago the Makers Cabinet team thought we were lone stationery addicts. Little did we know that out there were thousands of other like-minded Blackwing lovers and Field Nuts. This led us to search online and stumble across our favourite podcast - The Erasable Podcast. The Erasable Podcast is presented by Andy Weffle, Johnny Gamber, and Tim Wasen who discuss the merits of taking analogue moments with the best stationery tools out there.

After hearing their voice week in and week out I made the decision to send them a Høvel. They were bowled over after feeling its heavy weight and perfect polish. They immediately understood the craftsmanship and wanted to know more about where and who it came from. They got in touch with me and we set up a time to record an interview across our three time zones. The hosts grilled me on the design process and our considerations, which culminated in a clear explanation of how to achieve a perfect Eiffel Tower point to your pencil.

Make sure to check out the wonderful podcast and support the fun and friendly Erasable Facebook community. You can listen to the podcast on their site or on iTunes,

Check out the Erasable Facebook group for great pencil banter and insights into wonderful writers, artists, and pencil enthusiasts.