Makers Cabinet collaborates with High Meadows Stationery

The cofounders of Makers Cabinet, Odin, Ben and Noah, first met Jacob from High Meadows Stationery in Spring 2018. Jacob was exhibiting his exquisitely unique leather at a stationery show in Islington, London. He made his first journey down from Bolton, to London, after having been awarded a prize for his fantastic designs. These leather goods are both made and sourced in England, embodying a characteristically English flare through their local craftsmanship. We were drawn to him, as he was a familiar face to us in a crowd of stationery addicts - as he was the only person at the show who was also under 25.

He showed us what he’d made and we showed him Høvel and from that point on were inspired to work together. We both shared similar ideologies, Makers Cabinet designing for a lifetime, and High Meadow’s designs are made locally. Our relationship progressed and we began to make prototypes for a custom leather sheath for Høvel. This changed over time adapting the form and function and was perfected in early July. 

We are so happy to be working with Jacob, he is a successful entrepreneur and we see ourselves as pioneers of a new generation of designers, makers, and retailers interested in producing very high quality and sustainable products.

Check out more of Jacob's wonderful work on his Instagram